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Begins Midnight, Jan. 31, 2016 and runs through Feb. 7, 2016*.
Help us increase awareness and raise $50,000 towards our ministries.
See Rules for More Details!

Charity Bowl 50 Rules

All donations made online at from midnight January 31 through the end of the football game Feb. 7 will be tallied and counted toward the total amount raised. Online donations are the only type of donations which will count.

The winning charity’s CEO will hold a victory celebration when charity employees will dump cold sports drink over him. The losing charity’s CEO will dress in the opposing team’s colors and send a message of congratulations to the other charity. The winning charity is not determined by the score of the actual football game, but by the total amount raised during the stated time period. The donations received by each charity are visible on

*An hour after the football game ends, the final donation results will be tallied and published.

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